100% Success-rate broken Ryze combo has returned to LoL. Riot had to remove it earlier

In patch 11.13, the old mechanic of Ryze, who was once very strong, has returned. Will it stay permanently?

A few years ago, in Update 8.3, a well-known mechanic was removed from League of Legends that allowed Ryze to easily escape from the battlefield. Namely, he could use the invulnerability effect while teleporting.

However, it unexpectedly returned in the currently ongoing update 11.13. Nobody knows why it was brought back, but it’s probably just another bug. Big enough that information about it disappears in the blink of an eye.

As a reminder, this is considered to be deliberate use of bugs and may result in a ban or temporary suspension.

Ryze’s ultimate

One of the most popular ways of Ryze escaping from a place of excessive accumulation of enemies was a simple combo, i.e. using Zhonya’s ultimate + hourglass. It guaranteed not canceling the ultimate, and that the hero would not be eliminated during the casting.

The combo was well used by professionals during the World Cup, regional tournaments, and more. With that being said, it’s hardly surprising that it was something everyone playing Ryze must have known. The mechanics were deemed too strong and removed in February 2018, in patch 8.3. The presentation of how it works was recorded, among others, by “Strompest”:

Now it turns out that it has made a surprise comeback in Update 11.13, which hit the official servers on Wednesday 23 June. This generated considerable community interest as the change was not mentioned in the patch notes, which might suggest that this is a bug. On the other hand, however, Ryze is not doing very well at the moment, so there have been voices about a hidden buff.

The first version was true and in fact, it was a bug that was available on official servers for several hours and was fixed tonight. How did this strange bug come about? It’s hard to say, but players laugh that the League of Legends code is no longer spaghetti, but all of Italy. It is unknown what really triggered its return, and that’s the worst part of it. The community suggests that there may be more such surprises.