21 of the most common and stupid under-diamond player mistakes in League of Legends. What is worth avoiding?

Mistakes made by League of Legends players.

League of Legends is a huge game with a lot of different elements. Players must remember what over 150 heroes do and several dozen items for several different classes.

On top of that, there are many other factors, such as putting wards correctly, killing dragons, baron, and much, much more. So it’s hardly surprising that we keep making mistakes that are easy to avoid.

21 easy to avoid mistakes

The LoL players’ trainer decided to share with Reddit users 21 mistakes that they make in silver, gold, or even platinum. The BusinessKong list was created in cooperation with other trainers and analysts. Here are the 21 most common mistakes of low-level players:

  • Clicking too far from our hero.
  • No analysis of what a teamfight will be like before joining it.
  • Taking the first plate too soon
    • It takes too long and if we take it at once after taking out an opponent, we will return to base too late, which will give him time to push the line and roam / ward / invade.
  • No synchronization between returning to base with allies.
  • Leaving/roaming as the minion wave moves away.
  • Continuous holding of two wards.
  • Not communicating with the team by pinging and not letting them know where your opponent might be.
  • Making a mistake to correct a previous error, making the situation worse.
  • Not doing something intentionally.
  • Irrational trading.
  • Not creating a plan for the game when loading into it.
  • No forward-thinking (30 seconds).
  • Bad cleaning of camps (junglers).
  • Pushing at the wrong time.
  • Freezing at the wrong time.
  • Not doing plays on the opposite side of the map (using the teleport etc.).
  • Blaming a bad macro for not making progress.
  • Blaming everyone but not yourself for losing (even if it’s true).
  • Maining the jungle and not understanding how the lines work.
  • Afraid of playing on the line and not leaving the tower. Not looking for the opponent’s weak points and using them.

Understanding at least half of it should help you get better, but for some, you should really spend a lot of time.