League of Legends

A composition of characters in LoL that you will dream about at night. You will not move for 37 seconds

Have you ever wondered which characters have the longest CC in the game?

There are a lot of different champions in League of Legends. Some have no slowdown, stun, or silence. The latter, on the other hand, have a whole set of skills that prevent the opponent from moving.

One of the Reddit users decided to create a team that could keep one enemy hero in place indefinitely.

Longest CC in the game

LoL has tons of different characters with unique abilities and effects. Some can knock up and silence enemies, like Cho’Gath, or slow down and reduce attack speed, like Nasus.

According to many players, the key to victory is the number of CCs in the team. This means that a perfect composition in this regard must have crowd control on almost all lines. Reddit user numbers909 decided to create the perfect composition, the maximum length of all effects is almost 37 seconds.

It consists of:

  • TOP:
    • Ornn
  • JNG:
    • Morgana
  • MID:
    • Malzahar
  • ADC:
    • Yasuo
  • SUP:
    • Neeko

How does it work?

  • Ornn starts off with the Q-R-E-R2-W combo
    • 3 seconds
  • Morgana uses Q from Ornn W, which with his passive increases the duration of CC
    • 3,9 seconds
  • Morgana uses the Everfrost item when Q’s duration runs out
    • 1,5 seconds
  • Additionally, she uses Q and R again
    • 4,5 seconds
  • Malzahar uses R immediately, and Ornn uses W.
    • 2,5 seconds
  • Morgana uses Q and Ornn’s passive works
    • 3,9 seconds
  • Neeko uses Everfrost
    • 1,5 seconds
  • Neeko uses E on minions to increase CC duration with E and uses R
    • 4,25 seconds
  • Morgana uses Q
    • 3 seconds
  • Neeko uses E
    • 3 seconds
  • Ornn uses the Q-W-E combo
    • 1 second
  • Yasuo uses Q2 and his ultimate
    • 1,8 second
  • Morgana uses Q again
    • 3 seconds

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Together, this gives 36.85 seconds of continuous standing still. Of course, everything has to be perfectly in tune, and the whole process can be repeated endlessly, but you have to factor in your mana costs.

Remember, however, that these are perfect moves, which means that each skill hits when the previous one ends, which is practically impossible to do in a normal game.