A great design by one of the players who recreated Viego’s gloves from League of Legends

One of the players decided to create a part of the outfit for one of the LoL champions.

Viego is the newest game character from Riot’s game. He was released on January 21, 2021. This champion was eagerly awaited by a huge number of fans as there was a lot of talk about the Ruined King, and there has been an item in the game that belongs to him – Blade of the Ruined King.

One of the players decided to reproduce a certain element of the character’s outfit. It is the hero’s gauntlet, which of course is not as recognizable as his weapon, but is also interesting and full of details. How did it come out?

Viego’s glove recreated in real life

The author of the project is JS-ALMIGHTY, who posted videos of his work on Reddit and YouTube. One of them is the presentation of the finished item. On the short recording, you can see careful workmanship and reproduction of details, but also the fact that the glove can be put on and actually used, which makes the whole project even more interesting.

The whole thing is very impressive. It’s fair to say that it’s proven once again that the creativity and talent of the League of Legends community knows no bounds.​​