A new map with a new mode is coming to League of Legends. Its presentation from PBE files

Riot is working on a new game mode that will get a different version of Summoner’s Rift.

Players found a new map in the PBE files. Riot has sworn that creating other versions of Summoner’s Rift is hardly an option these days. For now, it looks like it will be a dedicated map for a special mode, although this is not yet confirmed.

The file names indicate the new mode’s appearance. In many places we have “RuinedKingGameMode”:

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What does the altered Summoner’s Rift look like?

It is not known what the Ruined King mode would be, but the map is clearly prepared for it. It is also worth noting that in the files, in addition to the name “RuinedKingGameMode”, we also have the designation “11_14” – probably it is the numbering of the update in which this map will appear.

More details will probably come out in the next few days, maybe weeks. Surely Riot is working on it, there is no doubt about it. If the 11.14 mark means an update, the effects of this work should be seen around July 8, 2021.