League of Legends

A new Sona’s bug allows her to slow down LoL champions who are immune to CC

Gamers have found a bug with Sona’s Song of Celerity. What is it all about?

A lot has been said about Sona from League of Legends recently. Initially, these were jokes about the character being in a bad situation because she was ousted by Seraphine. Later, a lot of confusion was caused by a mini-rework that affected the heroine. Not everyone was happy with it, but in the end, it caught on quite well.

Recently, Sona became famous again, this time due to the return of the Pentakill band. The entire group performed at an interactive concert that delighted the community. Unfortunately, the latest news about the mentioned heroine is not the best. It’s about a new bug that affects one of her skills.

Bug with Sona’s slow

As you know, Sona’s passive allows her to apply additional effects depending on the last song played by her. The heroine may, inter alia, reduce the damage of her target or slow the enemy on hit. There was a problem with the latter effect.

In League of Legends, some characters are immune to the crowd control effect. A good example is Olaf, who becomes immune to CC after using his ultimate.

A new bug with Sona causes this invulnerability to be ignored, and while your opponent shouldn’t feel the effect of the Song of Celerity, his speed is reduced anyway.

Well-known YouTuber Vandiril recorded a video showing the described bug. You can see how Sona slows down characters such as Morgana with an E shield over her body, or Olaf and Master Yi ulting with her passive effect and E.

The bug most likely arose as a result of the last mini-rework of the heroine in patch 11.16. Riot wanted to refresh the character so that she would become popular again and not be forgotten. Now that the bug has been publicized, Riot will likely fix it quite soon.