League of Legends

A new way to have unique nicks in LoL that are about to expire. 3-letter and the popular ones

If you’ve thought about changing your nickname, this might be an interesting way. The players have created a simple tool that gives a preview of nicknames expiring soon.

Now you can hunt for unique, or just the shortest, nicknames in LoL. As a reminder, Riot has been “releasing” the names of inactive summoners for some time now.

  • Level 1 to 6: 6 months inactivity protection
  • 12th level: 1 year of protection
  • 20th level: 1 year and 8 months of protection
  • 30+. level: 2 years and 6 months of protection

Until now, it did not help, except that some people lost their very popular or short nicknames. Now you can easily find out which ones will be available soon.

How to get unique, short, or popular nicknames?

NamesLoL is a very simple tool that gives you great opportunities. Of course, the site allows you to choose any server – so there is no option that you will get hyped for the NA nickname and only then find out that it is on a completely different server.

What does it look like? On the right side you can choose the length of the nickname. 3 to 16 letters / numbers.

For example, 3-character nicknames that will expire soon on the EUNE server:

Some nicknames will be available in literally 5 minutes, for some we have to wait a while. But you can see that even the shortest are becoming available every now and then. The creator says he tracks a total of over 500,000 nicks on all servers.

Is it legal? Apparently, Riot has accepted this website and you can safely use it. Thanks to the exact time you are able to get nicknames that can be really unique.

The website address is:

This text is not sponsored, we think that it is a really good curiosity for everyone who would like to stand out a bit. Currently, most of these short nicknames are taken.