League of Legends

A perfect example of how Blitzcrank on One for All can be the most annoying character

A video on the Internet portrays a certain situation from the One for All mode.

The Space Groove event is currently taking place in League of Legends. On this occasion, the well-known One for All mode has returned to the game, which consists of voting for the hero, which will then be played by the entire team.

Many people know that such an idea for a mode is the perfect opportunity to do really crazy actions. Some of them may look funny when, for example, 5 people use their ultimate at the same time. Others can be extremely irritating, such as being permanently immobilized by consecutive cages or traps.

One of the players posted a video that shows a short action from one of his games. What happened there that made the film so popular on the Internet?

5 Blitzcranks on one line

Blitzcrank is a champion that terrifies many. People don’t really want to get hit by his Q – Rocket Grab so much that they are afraid to get close to him. It goes without saying that being caught is not often comes with the inevitable death.

The following video is the embodiment of those nightmares. You can expect what will happen on it, but it is worth watching because the effect looks quite interesting.

The video became very popular with the Reddit community. On Reddit alone, 20,000 people responded to it.