A strange bug causes LoL players to pick Smite before starting the game

A new bug has surfaced making the life of the League of Legends community uncomfortable. This time it’s about Smite.

League of Legends is known for various bugs that more or less affect the gameplay. Recently, there were several articles about bugs related to the lobby – some players experienced the problem of choosing a champion they wanted to play e.g. Gnar, but the client chose Malphite instead (see: The player wanted to pick Gnar, but the League of Legends client had other plans for him)

There were also some minor bugs that involved changing the skin and eventually playing not with the one wanted.

It turns out that players have experienced some kind of bug again. This time it is related to the summoner spell. What is going on?

Forced the choose Smite

Players have noticed that something strange is happening in their lobby – no matter what they choose from their summoner spells, Smite will eventually be picked. The second spell will change to a different one depending on your choice.

As long as someone has chosen the role of the jungler, such a problem may not be noticed at all. The problem arises when Smite is picked up by someone playing on ADC, support, mid, or top.

One player who experienced this bug decided to record the summoner spell selection process to prove that such a problem exists and is not a bait.

As you can see in the video below – its author changes the summoner spells for several seconds and each time Smite appears among them.

Some commentators joked that this is forcing a new meta or even a penalty for playing Taliyah. Aside from the obvious jokes and laughs, some people said that they also experienced such a bug in their games.

What some have concluded is that the bug occurs right after playing a mode that has recently returned to the game – Nexus Blitz. After playing in the jungle on it, the client bugs out and forces players to pick Smite.

The disappointment of the community is that this is again where a client’s mistake could spoil someone’s gaming experience. Some commentators do not hide their nervousness and directly write that LoL is getting worse and there is not even a week for players not to report annoying bugs and glitches.