League of Legends

A strange bug on ARAM in League of Legends – Player stuck in tower

A video showing a bug related to being stuck in the tower during ARAM has appeared.

Bugs are common in League of Legends. Some of them are not particularly harmful, such as the visual one related to Aphelios, who freezes in the so-called “T-pose” after death (see). Unfortunately, most of the bugs do not end with the amusing view, but they significantly affect the gameplay. There was a lot of talk about bugged characters killing the entire opposing team with one skill, becoming immortal, or doing things that were definitely not planned by the developers. It also happens that the character got stuck in a strange way.

While most bugs happen on Summoner’s Rift, Howling Abyss also reminds us from time to time that League of Legends is not a perfect game. Gamers have noticed that ARAMs often suffer from minor or major bugs. One of them was captured in a video that quickly became very popular. What is it about?

Being stuck in towers and teleporting to enemies

A player by the name of Dynitios posted a video on Reddit that featured a seemingly ordinary ARAM. At one point, Nautilus from the post’s author’s team got stuck on the tower next to the Nexus. The hero could not move or take any action. After a short while, it teleported him to the center of the map, where the opponents were waiting.

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Comments say that this situation also happened to other people. One of the players wrote:

I have been stuck in aram towers before. Altough it has only happened to me once and i have seen it twice in 1800 aram games i would say its quite rare. What happened to me i had to flash out of the tower because i couldnt move. Altough i was less patient than nautilus i dont know if this wouldve happened to me.

Everything indicates that the bug captured in the video is really unusual and many players probably won’t ever find it. However, it is worth knowing about.