A surprising pentakill by Sett from League of Legends. Opponents could not expect it

In this situation, Sett only needed one skill for the Pentakill. Shocking action of one of the players.

Pentakill is something that doesn’t happen in every game. Killing five opponents by one player is a kind of achievement that not everyone had an opportunity to celebrate. As with other League of Legends situations, each Pentakill can be unique in its own way due to the number of characters in the game or the circumstances in which it occurred. Some of them, however, can look really amazing. This was the case here.

Why was this Sett pentakill so special?

The user with the nickname Prex-san was initially in an unpleasant situation. He teleported to the center of the opposing team and was caught with Seraphine’s ult shortly after arriving at the scene. Using his own ultimate, however, he quickly fled towards his ally, taking Tahm Kench with him.

The situation, however, still did not look favorable for the author of the clip. His opponents outnumbered them, and when Sett seemed to be dying at any moment, he used his W.

One skill was enough for the entire enemy team to suddenly evaporate. The hero has accumulated enough damage to deal over 2,000 damage to enemies in front of him.

The blue team certainly thought they could eliminate Sett, but the huge shield saved him at the last minute.