League of Legends

An exceptional situation in LoL, a professional player permanently banned for words about the coronavirus

The world of League of Legends was hit by new information about the permanent exclusion of one of the professional players from the competition.

Such situations are extremely rare, but they do happen. Riot reacted very strongly to the words one of the players said on his private stream on YouTube. This transmission is no longer available, but of course, it did not make the player avoid the consequences.

Zeros is a Vietnamese player who took part in the 2019 World Cup. He also played in the Vietnamese league, from which he has just been permanently banned. All because of the words of the Vietnam representative about the coronavirus.

A unique case of foreclosure in LoL

To understand the context of the situation. SBTC Esports did not enter the playoffs of the local league (VCS), barely missing it with the result of 7-7. The former player of this organization was really irritated, which resulted in his words during the broadcast on Youtube.

As we read in the translations, he wished everyone that the pandemic state would significantly worsen. Thanks to this, no Vietnamese player could go to the “Mid-Season Invitational”. It is worth mentioning that restrictions in Vietnam made many things related directly to LoL difficult – mostly traveling.

Riot’s response was immediate. The player has been completely banned from all official League of Legends games. Riot is citing detrimental action against the league itself. The translation is pretty lopsided, but understandable.

This information spread around the world. All because it is quite an unusual situation. Players comment that the penalty could easily be more severe, especially in financial terms.