An unusual bug in League of Legends turns Worldbreaker Sion into a tower. Literally

The bugs appearing in League of Legends are more and more surprising.

From time to time, there are various bugs in the game that affect the gameplay in different ways. Sometimes a particular mistake is really dangerous because it turns the opponent into a killing machine. It also happened that during a match all characters became invisible, although their skills were displayed correctly.

Today’s Sion bug is of a different type. This time it’s about the hero becoming a walking tower. What is it all about?

Worldbreaker Sion from League of Legends

Worldbreaker Sion is a skin released on April 9, 2020. During the animation of returning to the base, the hero takes out a tower from the ground, which he then destroys with his weapon. After the recall is completed, of course, the aforementioned tower disappears and the character reappears next to his fountain. This time, however, it was not like that.

In a clip sent by one of the players, you can see that the hero is using the ARAM return animation. As you know, in this mode, the recall does not bring the champion to the base but still can be used mainly for aesthetic purposes.

Sion re-emerged the characteristic tower from the ground, but after the return animation was interrupted, the hero did not return to his previous form. It turned out that the mentioned object did not disappear, but appeared on the champion, practically completely covering it.

From the perspective of other players, a huge tower was now moving across the map. The whole thing looked really caricatured.

Fortunately, the bugged hero has become neither extremely strong nor immortal. The graphic error did not affect his abilities, as you can see later in the video.

Why did such a strange bug show up during the game? It turns out that the reason may be the unfortunate connection with Kalista. As you know, the heroine with the help of the Black Spear can establish a bond with one of the allies.

The characters in the above video accidentally (or on purpose – it’s hard to pinpoint as the player behind Kalista didn’t comment on the topic) bonded when Sion was reborn with his passive. This interaction caused a series of bugs – the champion could not use emotes, his model got stuck and turned into a walking tower after his recall animation.