Animation created by a LoL fan, which perfectly sums up people who write “KS”

Animated film showing the typical player saying KS.

There is a whole host of community behaviors in League of Legends. One of them is attacking an ally for taking a kill.

This is especially true of supports or junglers, who sometimes even accidentally take a kill. Therefore, often and usually in low divisions, they may encounter a situation in which they will be called on for “KS”.

Kill Steal

Probably most League of Legends players met someone who wrote “KS” after we “stole” his frag. This behavior is especially popular at the lowest ranks like bronze, iron, and silver. One of the Reddit users with the pseudonym PentaMagic decided to create an animation in which he emphatically summarizes what exactly it looks like:

As we can see, Shaco was kill-stealing throughout the game, but when Teemo got into Caitlyn’s trap (although it does no damage) and died, Shaco, irritated, wrote 2 letters, and left the game.

While this is hyperbole and this exit behavior is really rare, there are actually situations where even fed players can take offense at taking the gold.