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April Fool’s in LoL – what is to be expected?

The community wonders… what was prepared for them this time for the upcoming 1st of April?

April Fool’s in League of Legends is kind of a weird topic. Usually, it has to do with what every member of the community is already familiar with – events or skins that are not to be very serious. It often completely deviates from what champions are supposed to represent (becoming cute cats or toys, for example).

These kinds of events were not always well received by gamers. In 2016 the joke for April Fool’s was to give every champion on Summoner’s Rift a giant Draven’s head. The community came to the conclusion that Riot does not have any more cool ideas and gives us something that is not even remotely funny.

In 2019 the Dogs vs Cats event occurred, in which we had a number of quests to complete and colorful and cute animal-themed skins. This time the problem was that, in the opinion of many, the rewards were uninspired, and missions not very diverse nor engaging.

April Fool’s in League of Legends

On Reddit’s thread, one of the players tried to guess what developers prepared for this year’s 1st of April. A person by the name of jayjaybird0, having in mind previous events and skins released and the fact that Riot tends to release very simple and undemanding events for the occasion, it is possible that this year we will see something similarly small, that was never previously mentioned anywhere.

Do you remember Dogs vs Cats in 2019? I think that this year’s event could be similar!

The player pointed out that their thinking started after noticing that Lulu is supposed to get her Prestige Skin.

I was wondering to myself, “What kind of skinline would they give Lulu a Prestige Edition in?”. They’ve demonstrated that they like giving Yordles April Fools’ skins: Corki, Fizz, Amumu, Kennen, Corki and Fizz (…again), and Tristana and Veigar.

I guess it raises the question, “Do you think they’d have an entire silly Versus event, with a Pass and everything?” Maybe, maybe not. It would suit Lulu to have a silly April Fools’ skin, but they might have decided to stick with the more serious themes for Versus events.

Could those expectations be true? Many pointed out that Riot just announced the Battle Academia skins, in which Prestige Leone made her appearance. It might mean that Prestige Lulu will be held for a different occasion – maybe as a Space Groove series skin, that is supposed to get an entirely separate event.

Prestige Battle Academia Leona

On a different side of things, maybe Riot is actually preparing something very special for the 1st of April? We could get something similar to what we get every year, but… who knows?