League of Legends

Are you already used to the TOP? Riot is preparing two items to support this strategy

The creators of League of Legends are preparing a lot of news for top lane players.

Some time ago, the creators quite extensively referred to the strategy of one player pushing the line. It has both strengths and weaknesses. The designers shared what they think is harmful to this tactic, and now they have announced how to work on changes to it.

Two items for top laners

Mark Yetter shared a list of projects that the team is currently working on. He referred to, among other things, too much mobility (Mobility in LoL will be severely weakened. Riot confirms its nerf plans) and the changes that await the tanks (A new support item and item changes for tanks will soon be added to LoL).

Another issue raised was the split push and the importance of the top lane champions.

Continuing the work to increase top lane agency and the viability of split pushing. Currently we have a split push focused fighter item, a split push focused tank item, and some adjustments to outer turrets to make them a bit more valuable

At the moment, it is not known when the news described by Rioter would get into the hands of players. Due to the large number of projects carried out by the studio, the community should not expect the release of these items and changes in the next updates.