“At the roundabout, turn back” – one of the funniest and clever escapes in LoL

A fun and simple escape from your opponent in LoL.

League of Legends has been around for over 11 years and players from all over the world have already played a huge number of matches. This means that the game community has already seen a lot of spectacular, amazing, and interesting actions.

However, there are situations that cause astonishment and even with a huge experience with Riot Games production, we are able to see something that we have not seen before. We might even smile.

“At the roundabout, turn back”

A classic line that anyone engaged in traffic heard at least once in their lives fits perfectly with the action that happened on Summoner’s Rift. Reddit user nPhlames decided to show his escape from Kai’Sa.

He didn’t do anything amazing and didn’t use any special Korean Grandmaster skills. Instead, he decided to outsmart his opponent with his intelligence and cunning, which turned out to be really effective.

It looked really interesting, and Reddit users admit that Kai’Sa must have been really furious to see what happened.