League of Legends

Bard would be the perfect League of Legends jungler? Where do such conclusions come from among players?

Where did one of the players get the idea to turn Bard into a jungler?

Due to the fact that the role of a jungler in League of Legends has not been so attractive recently, Riot tries to encourage players to choose it by increasing the pool of champions available for this position. The abilities of characters such as Morgana, for example, which were not originally designed with the forest in mind, are reworked so that these heroes can freely clean jungle camps.

One player came to the conclusion that Bard could become a really great jungler because of the way he is designed. This hero was added to League of Legends in 2015 and from the very beginning was created with the intention of being a support. So why, in the opinion of one of the players, could become a jungler?

Bard in jungle

A player with the nickname rubixor pointed out that Bard has a lot of features that should belong to a full-fledged jungler.

The only thing this champion really needs is dealing with jungle camps. These currently would cause him a lot of problems because he only has one offensive skill, and his main damage, which comes from his passive ability, is not enough to clean camps effectively.

There were also comments in the discussion saying that the hero would just be too strong if the developers decided to boost his damage in the forest. However, the concept of this champion in this role is really interesting and it is possible that Riot will decide to check it sooner or later.