Bugfix worse than nerf. Riot fixed a bug with Shaco, as a result of which his Win Rate dropped drastically

How can a bugfix turn out to be worse than a nerf?

A lot of League of Legends players have been complaining about Shaco, who has been appearing a lot in matches in the last few updates. The hero won over 52% of all his matches, which might not be such a big problem if not for the mechanics at his disposal.

Now, in patch 11.15, the developers decided to fix a bug that had been present in LoL for several years. It quickly turned out that the bugfix was worse than the big nerf, as it changed the whole mechanics of Shaco’s playing.

Bugfix instead of nerf

If we were to ask the League of Legends community what characters they don’t like the most, Shaco will surely be one of them. It is hardly surprising because the protagonist is able to disappear, appear out of nowhere, clone himself, and put puppets at our feet. All these mechanics can irritate you.

Looking at Shaco’s statistics, one could get the impression that either he has undergone some rework or Riot has seriously nerfed him. Earlier, his Win Rate was 52%, now it is barely reaching 48%.

However, it wasn’t the nerf that made Shaco go down. Riot fixed a bug that made his disappearance effect invisible in Fog of War.

  • Orange Smoke from Shaco’s Q – Deceive now correctly displays from an enemy’s perspective when cast in Fog of War.

Therefore, avoiding ganks, especially early in the game, is much easier. This makes it difficult to play with the hero and he cannot exert so much pressure on the map in the early game.

The Rioters certainly didn’t expect a regular bugfix to turn out to be a nerf. Perhaps because of this, Riot Games will revert this mechanic or buff Shaco a bit.