Can Riot ban a player who trolls his game in LoL? You may be surprised

One of the Rioters told the players what she was doing when a troll appeared in her match.

People who break the rules and behave inappropriately are a big problem that League of Legends has been struggling with for many years. Players of this type who enjoy dying on purpose, destroying the game, or inspire arguments can be found in nearly every mode and division.

The situation is no different for games where one of the people is someone from Riot. They too, struggle with toxic behavior. How do they react to them? Can they ban someone?

A troll in a game with Rioter

One of the Rioters – Jenny Blees, known as RiotJennisaur – spoke about the treatment of trolls and feeders by the game developers. As she admitted, many people flood her with questions whether, when she comes across someone who breaks the rules of the game and deliberately spoils the gameplay for others, can she ban him.

As it turns out, Rioter in this regard behaves in the same way as an ordinary player – she just reports an unpleasant person after the game and hopes that he will get a penalty in the future.

It’s hard to say if this applies to every single case, the Rioters have often been accused of getting a ban on people who have trolled their games. It is obvious that player bans are not dealt with by the people responsible for organizing events, as in the case of Jenny. The question is, what is it like when we come across a decision-maker.

Of course, it is different with bronzes, or with iron people who have an uncle in Riot, then you have to be careful.