League of Legends

Chroma variants for the new Braum and Sett skins and for one of Dr. Mundo’s skins from LoL

Players got to know the colors of the three League of Legends champion skins.

Yesterday, new skins from the Pool Party series for Braum and Sett (Presentation of new skins for League of Legends – Pool Party Braum and Sett) were presented to the community, and apart from them, the set of skills and the appearance of Dr. Mundo in the rework (Description and presentation of Mundo’s new skills in rework).

Now players can take a look at the chromas for the aforementioned Pool Party skins and Corporate Mundo. What do they look like?

What do the new chromas look like?

Pool Party Braum
[8 chromas]
Pool Party Sett
[8 chromas]
Corporate Mundo
[5 chromas]