League of Legends

Chrome, emotes and icons for the latest League of Legends skins

The cosmetics related to the latest skins have been revealed.

New content has appeared on the test server, which is related to, inter alia, the latest team skins. There were also some new icons and emotes, and a lot of TFT-related news.

New content on PBE

DWG chromes

Chromes will be available in an exclusive bundle during MSI 2021.




ALSO – Riot is testing markings that inform about lowered armor and magic resistance in League of Legends


We’re Number One!


God King Faceoff
Perseverance, Tenacity, Devotion
Evil Grin, Please Ruin Me
ALSO – Immortal Swain. An interesting experiment of one of the League of Legends players

Little legends

Chaos Sprite
Splash Town Choncc
Lifeguard Choncc
Sunkissed Choncc
Chaos Featherknight
Koi Dowsie
Jelly Dowsie
Waffle Dowsie
Iridescent Dowsie
Nightbringer Dowsie


Shurima Fenroar
Golden Fenroar
Skyborn Fenroar
Nightbringer Fenroar
Kanmei Fenroar
Nightbringer Nimblefoot
Redeemed Nimblefoot
Kinkou Nimblefoot
Verdant Nimblefoot
Forgotten Nimblefoot
ALSO – Something that was removed 5 years ago is probably back to LoL. Only experienced players will know this easter egg


Court of Chaos
Realm of Balance
Infernal Flock
Prismatic Smite
Rune Surge
Wings of Fury