Chrome of the latest skins, new emotes and icons from League of Legends

The chrome look for the latest skins as well as new icons and emotes have been revealed.

New content has appeared on the test server, which is related to the latest skins. Yesterday, the creators revealed the appearance of 4 new skins from the Arcana series, and they will receive them:

  • Lucian,
  • Camille,
  • Tahm Kench,
  •  Xerath.

You can learn more about them in this article – New skins for LoL: Xerath, Camille, Tahm Kench and Arcana Lucian).

As always, after skins getting on the PBE, other content in the form of icons or emotes was also made available. How do they look?

New content on PBE


Arcana Camille
[8 colors]
Arcana Lucian
[8 colors]
Arcana Tahm Kench 
[8 colors]
Arcana Xerath
[8 colors]


Mini heroes icons
These icons will be available for purchase in the store in 2021.
Aatrox’s Blood Moon merch icon
This icon can be obtained by purchasing in the official LoL store
Pride 2021 icon
This limited icon will be available in the store to celebrate the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (May 17, 2021).


Pride 2021, Beside You
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