Does Caitlyn’s position while using her ult affects her hitbox? A strange situation for one of the LoL players

The tower by the fountain attacked the player when it shouldn’t?

Hitboxes in online games where players compete against each other are extremely important. They often decide about the outcome of individual clashes that have a direct impact on the outcome of the game. So it’s no surprise that hitbox issues are an extremely hot topic in the League of Legends community.

The heroes of the aforementioned game have numerous animations that affect their position. However, this position is not tied to the hitbox, which should always stay the same. So why did the fountain tower attack Caitlyn, seemingly within range only through her ultimate animation?

Hitbox and the character model

The clip, which the user named TheScyphozoa decided to share, gained enormous popularity due to the strange situation that was captured on it. Caitlyn, who had started ulting at the edge of the enemy summoner’s platform, was suddenly within range of the tower, killing herself instantly.

What was recorded in the clip above, Rioter Reinboom decided to explain in a comment.

It’s not hitbox related. Cait’s hitbox doesn’t move during her ult. The issue is vision related.

The platform tower’s vision range is 1200 and it only attacks units directly in its vision. But its attack range appears to be 1250. Caitlyn R explicitly gives vision to all units on the enemy team during her R (“link vision”, it’s very different from regular perception bubbles).

By providing vision via her R, she’s effectively letting the laser tower have that last 50 units of range if she’s standing exactly in that in-between zone.

So there are many more hidden mechanisms in the game than you might think. Rioter’s statement explained how the towers on the summoner platform work.