Does League of Legends Barrier need an update? Most players avoid this spell

It turns out that Barrier is a spell that is not very popular among LoL players.

Summoner spells are powerful abilities that are expected to have a significant impact on the outcome of combat. And in most cases it is exactly that – the correct use of Flash, Heal or Ignite won the duel more than once.

Summoner Spells often have such a characteristic effect that they are assigned to specific roles (although this is not a strict rule) and are simply associated with specific heroes, such as the fact that Heal most often appears on the bot, teleport on top, and Smite is a spell assigned to a jungler.

However, after looking at the stats, you can see that one of the spells has really little interest from players. It is, of course, about the Barrier.

Should the barrier be refreshed?

After reviewing how summoner spells work, you will notice that many of them have different effects. Heal, of course, heals the champion and ally closest to the cursor (heroes with the least health have priority), but also grants a bonus to movement speed, Ignite sets the target enemy on fire, dealing damage, reveals them, and inflicts a deep wound effect. There are also very simple spells, like Flash, but every player knows that this is a really powerful tool in League of Legends, so in its case, many additional mechanics would not be needed.

From the general statistics of summoner spells, you can see that the most popular combination is Flash and Ignite. This is because this duo not only appears in mid lane, but also works great on the bot and on top. Flash and Teleport, Flash and Smite, or Flash and Heal appear right behind it.

Flash and Barrier as well as Flash and Cleanse are far behind. The popularity of these connections compared to the top of the ranking is extremely low. In both cases, it does not even reach 2%.

The statistics come from and include the Platinum + divisions

Some people think that the fault with the Barrier is that the spell is just boring. For starters, it is worth recalling how exactly the Barrier works:

Shields your champion for 115 − 455 (based on level) for 2 seconds.

Although a well-used shield has turned the tide more than once (see: The spectacular “triple kill” by Warwick, who coped perfectly in a situation where many would surrender), many people ignore it in favor of more useful summoner spells. Players complain that the Barrier doesn’t offer enough, as it’s actually just a short shield that doesn’t provide extra bonuses like other summoner spells. When used, the character does not accelerate, does not pass through units, does not get a stat buff, or anything like that.

It’s hard to say what exactly should be changed so that the spell doesn’t suddenly become too OP. However, only 1.9% popularity is really bad. Some people argue that Riot should think about adding buffs like increased immunity for a while after using summoner spells.