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During the official LEC broadcast from LoL, Sjokz makes fun of the recently banned Twitch streamers

The ASMR meta even made it to the official LEC broadcast.

What has happened recently in the ASMR category has become incredibly popular. Let us remind you that several streamers got bans. Everyone knows about Indiefoxx and Amouranth, but they weren’t the only ones. TTV banned some girls who were clearly exaggerating.

Funnily enough, Sjokz, the well-known League of Legends presenter, decided to welcome everyone while whispering into the microphone during the LEC studio.

Sjokz and her ASMR

Sjokz is associated with similar actions, so hardly anyone was surprised that this time it referred to the recent events on Twitch. During the LEC studio, as a greeting, Sjokz whispered something into the microphone that was actually barely audible. In the end, however, you can hear perfectly well:

“Hey, we gotta do everything to keep up with the viewership.”

It is not surprising that yesterday it was by far the most watched clip on the official channel. The games have a maximum of 19,000 views, while ASMR usually has over 34,000.

The reaction of the chat was predictable, everyone caught the reference, some even wrote the nicknames of banned streamers.

The LEC can do such things, which has already been proven many times.