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LoL patch 11.7 update – What exactly changed and for whom? One for All mode

The developers introduced patch 11.7, which affects the balance of the One for All mode.

The Space Groove event is currently ongoing in League of Legends. On this occasion, the One for All mode has returned to the game. It is about selecting characters and then the whole team will play the same champion.

An update for patch 11.7 has been made to affect champion strength. Some of them were strengthened accordingly, and others were weakened because they turned out to be too strong.

What exactly has been changed?

Patch 11.7

Buffs in patch 11.7

  • ALISTAR Normal  -3% damage taken
  • APHELIOS +5% damage dealt  + 8% damage dealt
  • AZIR +5% damage dealt  + 8% damage dealt
  • BARD +10 % damage dealt, -10% damage taken  +13% damage dealt, -13% damage taken
  • BLITZCRANK +3% damage dealt  + 6% damage dealt
  • BRAUM -5% damage taken  -8% damage taken
  • JANNA Normal  +3% damage dealt
  • KAI’SA Normal  +3% damage dealt
  • LILLIA Normal  +3% damage dealt, -3% damage taken
  • NAMI Normal  +3% damage dealt
  • NIDALEE +5% damage dealt  +7% damage dealt
  • RELL Normal  +5% damage dealt
  • RYZE Normal  +3% damage dealt
  • TARIC -5% damage taken  -8% damage taken
  • THRESH +10% damage dealt  +15% damage dealt

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Nerfs in patch 11.7

  • BRAND Normal  +3% damage taken
  • CHO’GATH Normal  +4% damage taken
  • HEIMERDINGER Normal  -3% damage dealt
  • ILLAOI -5% damage dealt  -8% damage dealt
  • XIN ZHAO Normal  -3% damage dealt
  • YORICK -5% damage dealt  -10% damage dealt, +5% damage taken

It’s also worth mentioning that there are two fixes, one to Gnar:

  • Fixed a bug where Gnar’s W – Hyper/Wallop would not stun or damage enemies.

The second for “Trinity Force”:

  • Fixed an issue where buying shoes would result in the loss of 3 units of movement speeds provided by the mythical Trinity Force passive.

However, it was already a week ago, on March 31st, 2021 to be exact.