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For how much was the “SKT T1 Faker” account listed for sale? You will have to pay a fair amount

The account with the nickname of the legendary LoL player has been put up for sale.

Lee Sang-hyeok needs no introduction. The Korean is known all over the world and many LoL fans consider him the best player in the history of this game. Faker and his team – SKT T1 became famous for their many successes and hundreds of unforgettable plays. The eyes of players around the world followed not only the official tournaments but also what Faker was doing outside of sporting events – in short, players watched as he practiced for the next championship.

Since Faker started playing professionally, he has practically only used 2 official League of Legends accounts on the Korean server – Hide on bush and SKT T1 Faker. However, as of 2015 (season 5), the player only uses this first account and the second has been forgotten for years. Nobody heard about it for a long time, until now.

Faker SKT T1 account for sale

When it comes to Faker, it is still very loud. Recently, the esports star celebrated its 25th birthday. On this occasion, the player received a new BMW (see: What did Faker get as a birthday present? This is a new BMW worth about $ 80,000).

The attention of the players has once again focused on the Korean after it was announced that one of his accounts had been put up for sale.

What is it actually about? After years of inactivity, the SKT T1 player profile name was changed to 1135567del. Soon after, one of the fans who spent years following this account quickly created another one under the name SKT T1 Faker.

As you can expect – such a nickname is really worth a lot and many players would like to be able to play on an account that is named after the legendary LoL player. A fan who quickly took the nickname put up the account in Korean forums for an unusually high price – $ 40,000.

Many players feel that such a move is crazy, to say the least. Even if someone loves Faker, there’s a small chance they’ll spend as much on an account that has the name of an esports legend. However, when you look at the history of LoL and how unexpected things have been done by some people, you can’t be sure of anything.