Free icons, crates and more, Riot is introducing rewards for watching LoL matches

League of Legends rewards for watching matches live.

Riot Games presents a full list of League of Legends rewards that we’ll be able to pick up for watching the official live broadcasts of pro games.

In addition, once again the community will have various drops distributed live. What can we get?

Free rewards

Developers of the largest MOBA game in the world once again introduce the possibility of earning unique prizes. In addition, prizes will be awarded for watching live streams. What exactly will be available?

  • 500 Blue Essence
    • Watch 1 live MSI game or VOD on and snag yourself 500 Blue Essence!
  • Hextech Chest & Key
    • Watch 5 additional games on and earn a hextech chest and a key to open it! (6 games of MSI total)
  • LOL Esports Exclusive Too Bad! Emote
    • Watch 10 more games of MSI on and snag our LOL Esports 2021 exclusive Too Bad! Emote!

These missions will be live from 29.04. at 8:00 PM CEST until 08:59 PM CEST!


In addition to missions, live loot will also be available.

The drops will be fully based on the official website of You must log in there and select the appropriate option to receive rewards and drops.

  • To check if you received drops, simply log in on with your RiotID and go to the Rewards tab to check on your drops.
  • If a drop is triggered by an in-game event, a notification will appear on the screen. You can click the onscreen notification to claim your drops or go to the drops page on at any time.
  • To see what drops and third party rewards you’ve received, go to the Drops tab on your profile page at

We’re excited to bring Drops back for MSI in 2021! Since launching Drops in Summer of 2020, we’ve been listening to your feedback and have been working to improve the experience. This year, as we celebrate the best teams in each league at the mid-year mark, log in to and watch live MSI games for a chance to grab some cool rewards!

What will be up for grabs?

But that’s not all, the loot will also include in-game content and Jax’s hero shards.

Additionally, every day we’ll be dropping some in-game content that you have a chance to get! These drops will be flagged as Rare or Hyper-Rare and you’ll get some additional callouts when you get it! All of this plus surprise rewards from our partners, such as sweepstakes entries, rare branded Hextech Chests, discounts, and chances to get exclusive content!

Finally, we’re celebrating MSI and Jax by dropping Jax champion shards and something cool and exclusive for him to conquer the rift with! Keep watching for your chance at all of these, and we look forward to having a blast with you in Iceland!

They will be available during this year’s MSI. The event schedule is below: