Graphics with Pool Party skins have been added to LoR. They look better than the ones from League of Legends?

The card game from Riot Games has graphics depicting famous skins from League of Legends.

The LoR card game is growing rapidly and new cards with well-polished graphics are regularly added to it. Many of the added images refer to existing skins that appeared sometime before in League of Legends. Of course, this is not a rule, as LoR develops the plot of a mass of champions who never made an appearance to Summoner’s Rift.

The visuals for the Pool Party series, which are very famous in the League of Legends community, have recently been revealed. The presented heroes look really good. Some fans think it is even better than the original version that made its way to LoL in previous years. Who came out best?

Pool Party in Legends of Runeterra

Pool Party Fiora

Splash art in League of Legends

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Pool Party Heimerdinger

Splash art in League of Legends

Pool Party Taric

Splash art in League of Legends

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Pool Party Zoe

Splash art in League of Legends

Pool Party Taliyah

Splash art in League of Legends

Pool Party Draven

Splash art in League of Legends

One of the Rioters – Riot DanCat – noted that releasing skins in Legends of Runeterra did a really good job. Rioter shared his thoughts with the community by writing:

We love seeing your interest in skins, and we appreciate each of your feedback. The skins from the Dark Horizon series exceeded our expectations of player interest. We as creators are also hungry for our skins to be richer and fuller to implement unique ideas! It will be a long way, however, full of technology improvements and LoR card development to provide our players with more new experiences. We appreciate everyone who follows us.