“Hard as a rock” – a mechanical Malphite tank outplay from LoL that players laugh at

Malphite against two AD characters.

In League of Legends, we have a lot of character classes, some are made to shoot from a distance, others have huge damage on their abilities, and others just walk around, take everything on their chest and keep going.

Such a hero is Malphite, who, as he says himself, is as hard as a rock. These words will not be undermined by Yasuo and Master Yi, who faced him in a top lane battle and suffered a miserable defeat.

Malphite’s outplay

There are a whole lot of different heroes in LoL with different levels of difficulty. Many players believe that Malphite does not require a lot of skill, and you can actually tell from what happened in the top lane.

First, Yasuo tried to defeat his lane opponent, but unfortunately, he was killed without the slightest effort from Malphite. Master Yi decided to avenge his teammate, but the additional inevitable injuries did not help and he died as well. The whole fight was recorded (in low FPS) by a Reddit user with the nickname jok3ony0u:

Everything looks really comical and shows how difficult it is to defeat a tank that has the advantage of gold, and we have no armor penetration. The Kraken Slayer is also good for armored heroes.