He spent over $20,000 on e-girl in LoL, and then sued her because she did not want to go on a date with him

How did it happen that a player sued a girl because she didn’t want to go on a date with him?

Currently, it is not unusual to earn money by playing games. Some stream their gameplay on Twitch, others record on YouTube and make a living from it. However, there are slightly different methods that have appeared quite recently and are very popular.

Among other things, it is about websites where we can hire a girl or boy who will spend time with us playing the game and more. However, it does not always end well and the LoL player found out about it. After spending over $ 20,000, sued the girl, because she did not want to continue their relationship.

Court instead of a date

Probably no one will be surprised anymore that someone pays other people for playing with them. However, it rarely ends up in a court of law. This is what happened in China and the situation was translated by Daniel Ahmad:

So what did it all look like? According to Guangzhou Daily on Weibo, “Xiao Jun” spent about $ 22,000 for the girl “Xiao Mei” to play with him and on numerous expensive gifts for her.

However, it was not a short acquaintance, because it started in November 2019 and lasted until April 2020. During this period, Xiao Jun spent 74,000 Renminbi ($ 11,500) in the app for the girl to play and hang out with. In February 2020, he raised the bar and asked about a date, but you can probably guess what the answer was. Xiao Mei refused and got another signed gifts “watches, cosmetics, etc.” for a total amount of over 73,000 Renminbi.

The man had to find out that money cannot buy love and once again the woman declined the invitation. When Jun started calling her his wife in front of his friends, she was fed up with it and decided to end the playing services. Devastated and probably upset that his pick-up methods did not work, the admirer decided to go to the court path.

He accused Xiao Mei of “unjust enrichment” with the intention of regaining over 140,000 Renminbi’s lost. The court, however, had a different opinion about the whole case and decided that they had a contract in the application for the provision of services, and they sent gifts voluntarily, so there is no question of breaking the law and the boy had to accept the defeat.

This story is a great example that money cannot buy love, and spending it hoping for something more, and not out of a good heart and willingness to give to a loved one may end up very similarly later on.