League of Legends

Healing nerf testing – round two. What is Riot preparing?

Healing items stats changes.

For a few days now, League of Legends developers have been testing changes that will weaken life steal in Update 11.6. So far, we know that all items with this stat will be nerfed.

Current tests are ongoing on the PBE server and item stats are periodically changed for balance purposes. Not long ago, Riot has released a list of further fixes.

Second try

Many LoL players complain about life steal statistic. It is often referred to as unbalanced and over-exaggerated. It is not affected even by anti-heal. The problem was noticed by Riot Games. Yesterday we got to learn about new changes that got introduced to PBE.

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New item stats:

  • Vampiric Scepter
    • Life steal: 10% >>> 8%
    • Costt: 900 >>> 850
  • Immortal Shieldbow (+Bloodward)
    • Life steal: 12% >>> 10%
    • Lifeline Lifesteal Increase: Removed
    • New passive gain: 25-50% Attack Speed on proc
    • Shield ammount: 250-700 >>> 300-800
  • Blade of the Ruined King
    • Life steal: 12% >>> 10%
    • Siphon damage: 40-120 >>> 40-150

New rune stats:

  • Ravenous Hunter
    • Base Omnivamp: 1% >>> 0%
    • Omnivamp Per Stack: 1.7% >>> 1.5%

At the moment we can’t be sure if those changes will hit official servers. It is worth mentioning that these are still only PBE changes and the final outcome might be thoroughly different.‚Äč