How dangerous is Rammus who has around 2,000 armor? One of the players found out

One of the players shared a video showing Rammus with a huge amount of armor.

Rammus is a famous League of Legends hero because he has been in the game for over 11 years (he joined Summoner’s Rift in July 2009). He is not particularly popular, although he has many devoted fans who love to play as him.

According to some, the champion is quite simple and it doesn’t take much to learn to play it. One thing is for sure – Rammus is supposed to take a lot of damage. And here comes the most characteristic feature of this character. Almost every LoL player knows that said hero is deadly if he has too much armor.

But how much is too much? Probably some people imagine hundreds of armor points. However, one of the players came across Rammus who had about 2,000.

Rammus and 2000 armor

A player with the nickname Dbgsequeira shared a short video showing a fragment of one of the games. The whole thing begins with a scene with Aphelios returning to the base. The hero returns because his team has to defend their Nexus.

With full HP, he runs to enemies and tries to drive them away from the towers in the base. He attacks Rammus and dies almost immediately, although the enemy has not even touched him.

It is not surprising that you can get hurt a lot by Rammus because there have been a lot of videos on this topic. In this case, however, the amount of armor the character had may surprise you, since there were around 2,000 of it. So it’s no surprise that ADC didn’t have an easy life in this game.