League of Legends

How did Rammus from LoL achieve tremendous speed without a specific team or items?

How was Rammus able to get from top to bot in just 6 seconds?

In League of Legends, you can distinguish quite a lot of elements that affect the final speed of the hero moving around the game map. This led to situations where players deliberately formed teams to accelerate one character and beat the speed record with it. Such scenarios, however, had no chance of winning a regular game, and therefore such experiments are rarely seen on Summoner’s Rift.

Everything changed due to a bug that players discovered with the newly rebuilt Rammus. The champion was able to achieve enormous speeds without the help of a team or many items that are not useful during the fight.

Rammus and his Q

Rammus’ Q, which was changed with the hero’s last rework, in combination with the Predator rune and the summoner spell – Ghost – allowed to achieve from 2,400 to 3,500 units of movement speed. One of the members of the LoL community presented it brilliantly.

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Due to the fact that Ghost and Predator are easy to obtain, the player could use this combination in the early stages of the game. The bug was also really easy to recreate. Riot turned off the champion and immediately undertook to fix the speed multiplier.

Q – POWERBALL BUGFIX Fixed a bug where Rammus was getting too much movement speed after using Predator and Q.

Even though the bug has already been fixed, seeing a champion able to get to the other side of the map in just a few seconds is really impressive.