How did the new, budget cosplays delight LoL players? Player took over Reddit

Everyone surely remembers old cosplays that were made at the lowest possible cost. However, no one has done it for a long time.

Cosplay is a really interesting activity, but in many cases extremely expensive and time-consuming. This is one of the reasons why some people, for fun, created budget versions of various characters. These photos were once incredibly popular.

However, it’s hard to find something new and fresh, as for some reason the League of Legends community has stopped making weird cosplays. But finally…

Budget cosplays from LoL

You can see that people are still not necessarily looking for incredibly extensive guides or columns, they just prefer to laugh instead. This is why Reddit’s entry by “xanaree” is currently the most popular on the LoL subreddit.

“Some low-cost, high-meme cosplays I did for my videos, hope you like it and have a laugh” – we read in the title.

Since we were interested in the clip, we quickly tracked down the channel belonging to “xanaree”.

Rather, you won’t have any problems decoding the champions, but we advise you to lower the volume on your phones. All of these short shots are meant to recreate ganks if you’re wondering what is this is all about.

Seeing the popularity of this entry, you can guess that many more such cosplays will be created now. And nobody will complain about it.

13,000 points in just 15 hours is a really good result that will be difficult to repeat. Thanks to it, you can start to expect more and more people who will want to surprise the LoL community with their creativity in the form of memic and budget cosplays.