How does Riot try to get fewer players leaving the League of Legends lobby?

What are Riot’s plans to make players exit the Hero Select screen less often?

The toxicity level in League of Legends has made it one of the main hallmarks of Riot’s production. Many players would undoubtedly point to LoL when asked about the community with which it is most difficult to come to an agreement. The creators of the game are constantly trying to remedy this by introducing further penalties and improvements that would discourage toxic players from their behavior.

In a recent post, one of the Rioters shared how the exiting penalties are to change in the Hero Select screen and referred to the behaviors that make players want to leave at all. What’s going to change soon?

What exactly is Riot planning?

An employee with the nickname BarackProbama, who is the main designer in the team dealing with competition in the ranking matches, in the mentioned entry described, among other things, what are the reasons for players leaving the lobby. How would they be fought?

One critique some players had when we announced the new penalty tiers above is that they only impact LP, which can be recovered fairly easily. In the future, we plan to evaluate additional punishments that will stick with a dodger for longer than a one-time LP penalty.

Riot Games

As mentioned earlier, we understand that we also need to attack the root causes of dodging. Here’s a snapshot of some of what we’re looking into:

Adding New Punishments to Champ Select Reporting – This will be a way for players to report someone who is intentionally planning to ruin the game from champ select and have that player bear the consequences of their behavior.

Autofill/Secondary Role Parity – We’re investigating targeted enhancements to matchmaking that will prioritize both teams having the same roles autofilled, not just the same number of players. This is an improvement that didn’t make it into last year’s general matchmaking updates, but with the added urgency around the dodging issue, we’re reprioritizing it now.