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How is Gangplank from League of Legends doing after major changes in patch 11.17?

Gangplank is in a really bad situation. What are his stats and what can you expect in the next patch?

Some time ago, one of the Rioters asked Gangplank players if they would prefer a strong linear phase, or would they rather sacrifice some power from this stage for a stronger late game.

Later game enhancements were selected in the survey, so the creators of LoL presented and then introduced changes that were released on live servers in Update 11.17. How is the hero finally doing a few days after the patch is released?

Gangplank’s state after the recent changes

The changes aroused controversy from the very beginning. One of the most popular players of this hero – Tobias Fate – spoke about them. Streamer’s fears have largely come true and the champion is actually doing hopelessly.

Champion, whose win rate was 47.64% before the changes, now has a win rate of 43.14%. Even though the hero wins far fewer games now, it can be considered that the goal of shifting the hero’s strength to the later stages of the game has been achieved.

Below you can take a look at the hero’s win rate depending on the minute in update 11.16 (left) and 11.17 (right).

The situation with Gangplank is really bad, but you can notice that the developers approached his changes very carefully. At the moment, it is already known that in the next update he will be buffed, and players could already experience the huge damage dealt by the hero’s barrels in their games.

Gangplank fans also had relatively little time to get used to the new playstyle. After they have mastered a slightly improved hero’s skill set, which will be further enhanced, he has a good chance of improving his winrate and becoming the new terror of the top lane.