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How is Sona doing after the rework? There were many concerns, but so far it’s been really good

Sona’s rework is working really well at the moment.

In update 11.16, which was released on the official servers yesterday night, a reworked supporting Sona was released on September 20, 2010. All because her “new version”, Seraphine, also became her better version.

Now her “original version” has got a second chance and as her first stats suggest, she’s doing really well.

Sona’s rework

As you probably already know, Sona’s rework hit the official League of Legends servers last night. She received several changes to restore her lost popularity:


NEW ACCELERANDO: Sona’s basic abilities grant her permanent Accelerando stacks. She gains +.5 non-ultimate ability haste per stack, up to 60 non-ultimate ability haste. Once she reaches 60 non-ultimate ability haste, instead of gaining additional Accelerando stacks, her ultimate ability’s current cooldown reduces by 1.5 seconds each time she would gain an Accelerando stack.
NEW HOLD THAT NOTE: Now persists through revives (such as Zilean’s ult and Guardian Angel)


COST 75/80/85/90/95 mana  50/55/60/65/70 mana
NEW EVERY BOLT YOU TAKE: Now grants a stack of Accelerando for each bolt that hits an enemy champion
REMOVED AURA MANA REFUND: Granting an ally Hymn of Valor’s aura no longer refunds 30 mana per cast


COST 105/110/115/120/125 mana  80/85/90/95/100 mana
NEW EVERY SHIELD YOU MAKE: Aria of Perserverance’s aura now grants a stack of Accelerando each you time you heal another injured ally or prevent at least 25-125 damage from another ally with the aura’s shields
REMOVED AURA MANA REFUND: Granting an ally Aria of Perserverance’s aura no longer refunds 30 mana per cast


COST 90 mana  65 mana
REMOVED AURA MANA REFUND: Granting an ally Song of Celerity’s aura no longer refunds 30 mana per cast


REMOVED ABILITY COOLDOWN REDUCTION: No longer reduces Sona’s basic abilities
NEW I’LL BE WATCHING YOU Hits champions  Hits champions, minions, and monsters

Sona after the rework

How is she doing now? Before the changes, the heroine won 51.9% of matches on average and was picked in just 2.1% of games. Now it is much better and it is already 53.09% Win Rate and 6.3% Pick Rate. Importantly, the new version of the character is practically not banned by anyone.

Keep in mind, however, that she is only a few dozen hours on the servers and everything may still change. Especially Pick Rate, which should drop a bit, because currently, everyone wants to see how is it to play as her. It is also possible that nerfs will be waiting for her next patch.