How much has LoL changed in the last 4 years? The player shows that the same heroes still reign supreme

The characters that are currently at the forefront of the tierlist were in it already 4 years ago.

League of Legends gets significant fixes from season to season that affect the gameplay. Some of them refer to items, such as the introduction of mythical variants, while others, for example, introduce dragons or elemental maps. How the chosen champion is doing at a given moment is dictated by many factors.

A character’s skill values have a direct impact on their condition, and they were the ones that were adjusted when the preseason changes in Update 10.23 took a toll on that champion. The constant pursuit of balance and the changing meta may suggest that the gameplay changes very often, but some characters seem to not realize it.

What are the best heroes from the top lane?

One player noted that four years ago, exactly the same characters dominated the toplane, who are now at the top of the current tierlist. We are talking about Camille, Riven, Irelia, and Fiora. All 4 champions are also relatively popular, which means it is difficult for top lane players to talk about a lot of variety. In over 35% of games, one of the four characters mentioned is selected.


Although the developers have repeatedly made extensive changes, such as item changes that took place at the beginning of this season, these characters are still at the forefront of the tierlist. However, it is difficult to talk about a satisfactory win rate in the case of the most popular Irelia. From the very beginning of the season, she was doing quite poorly, and her win ratio was barely over 48%. It was only patch 11.14 that improved her situation and made the heroine so strong again.


The whole situation, however, may prove that some characters will be popular not only because of their strength, but also a huge player base that is dedicated to a given champion. It also shows that there are characters that Riot will simply be interested in more, due to the large amount of fans who are interested in them.