How much is a Riot Scuttler worth in League of Legends? Play from the pro stage, criticized by Tyler1

Why are some LoL players sacrificing so much to knock down a river spawning crab?

The river on Summoner’s Rift is often the site of the first clash of opposing junglers in each game. It is a crab that gives the player valuable experience and gold, especially in the early stages of the game. However, how profitable is it to risk? One professional gamer has shown that even they may have a hard time answering this question.

Shocking play from Blaber

Robert Huang known under the pseudonym Blaber is a professional player of the Cloud9 team. However, during the championship held in May, an unpleasant situation for him took place. Steal from DetonatioN FocusMe, playing Udyr, was fighting the crab, but he was not prepared to be electrocuted. Blaber may have realized this and aggressively used his Flash to smite the creature away and then escape.

He got into quite a bit of trouble, however, when the DFM jungler just started hitting him hard. The whole action ended with donating the first blood and summoner spells only for the crab.

The situation was mentioned by Tyler1 who experienced very similar behavior from an opposing jungler during one of his ranked games. His opponent decided to use Flash to secure the crab, and as a result, he died.

Despite such a dubious play from Tyler1’s opponent, the streamer lost the game. This defeat was not his fault, however, and he managed to win two consecutive games when he returned to his main ADC position.

As you can see, even though players are willing to sacrifice a lot for the crab, it’s hard to say that these are the right decisions. The gold balance of a crab with its life will always be negative, and not having a flash in the next few minutes can be problematic.