How to earn more points in the new Sentinels of Light event in LoL?

How to earn points faster in the new Sentinels of Light event.

One of the biggest events in the world of Runeterra is currently underway in League of Legends. This time the world has to defend itself against the Ruin that Viego wants to lead to by looking for his beloved wife.

However, to help the Sentinels of Light, players are forced to grind constantly and play a lot of matches, which they do not like at all. Nevertheless, it can be helped and finish missions a little earlier than our friends. How to do it?


The method is closely related to Gwen, who needs 15/23/32 points for vision, respectively, to get 3/6/8 points. It is a relatively easy mission and worth doing.

All you need to do is place Wards, Control Wards, use Lens or even place Zombie Wards with runes. All of this counts for the mission and will further increase your chances of winning and everyone knows that a good vision is a key to success.

Two game modes

Assists and eliminations are not as easy to get in normal games as in those focused mainly on having fun and fighting. Therefore, in order to quickly complete missions, we have to play mainly ARAMs and the new Ultimate Spellbook mode.

Therefore, our matches will not take up a lot of time and we will be quickly getting to the next checkpoints.


Try to play with the champions for which you have Ruined or Sentinel skins. You will get two points, but unfortunately this only applies to skins introduced in this event.

Every next week you get more points

One of the Riot employees confirmed that the event scales with its duration. This means that although we currently only receive one point for eliminations, it will be two points in the second week and three points in the third.

This means that even if we are not doing very well at the moment and we don’t have a lot of free time, the grind will be easier with the duration of the event.