League of Legends

How to get an advantage over your opponent in the early stages of LoL? A tactic called “cheater recall”

“Cheater recall” is a basic strategy often used in LoL by professional players.

Professional players do not have any time to rest in their games. They still have to focus on making their gameplay flawless – all in order to gain an advantage over their opponent. The players and their teams also develop special tactics with which they try to surprise their opponent and thus take the lead in the game.

One of these types of games is the so-called “cheater recall”, which at the very beginning of the game allows you to go back to the base and purchase an additional item without losing experience or gold.

What is this tactic?

Each player must properly manage the waves of creatures appearing in the lane, take care of the vision or push to get the desired gold and experience. Nick “LS” De Cesare is famous for his strategy, about which you can read below. It is closely related to how fast the player is able to clear a wave of minions. Every third wave has a Canon, which is much more difficult to knock down than other types of minions – especially in the early stages of the game.

Cheater recall is all about pushing an enemy wave with a cannon minion as fast as possible to smash yours against an opponent’s turret. This makes last hitting much more difficult, and the time needed to kill creatures is long enough that during this short break you can go back to the base to buy items. If the tactic is used well, you shouldn’t lose a single creep that provides gold and experience.

Below you can find a clip on how to apply the tactic in practice.

This strategy is known to most players on higher elo, and professional players very often try to use it. In most cases, if this type of action is successful in a professional game, the bot lane that followed it may gain a really big advantage. The hostile ADC will quickly begin to be behind in experience, which can ultimately pay off with a victory.

At the lower ranks, few players use cheater recall to gain an edge, but if someone at this level gets good practice in lane minion management, it will definitely have a positive impact on the win rate. In League of Legends, you can find many seemingly simple mechanics, which are, however, much more complex, and their deeper knowledge influences how it finally finds itself in the game.