League of Legends

Huge buffs turned the jungle in LoL upside down. Dragon on level 1 and more

Two champions that got big jungle buffs on PBE.

The League of Legends Test Server is known to sometimes experience changes that are completely unexpected by players. Well, it just happened today. And players wonder what the developers are on about.

Among other things, it was decided to buff Morgana and Darius so that they could start competing in the jungle. However, the buffs turned out to be so strong that Morgana is able to make one of the fastest full clears, and Darius on the first is able to defeat the dragon on his own.


Darius is a champion whose main role is top lane and this is where he is seen most often. For some reason, however, Riot is once again trying to get him into the jungle and that is where he may be seen more often very soon.

All this thanks to the powerful passive buffs, which increased damage to neutral creatures from 175% to 500%. Therefore, the champion is able to solo the dragon on the first level.

It is well presented on Okay Cool’s Youtube channel.

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While all this looks and sounds impressive and can surprise both allies and opponents, it’s not easy in normal games. The dragon appears at 2:30, 45 seconds before the crab. It is a possibility that having only the first level, we will meet the enemy jungler who will not only easily eliminate us, but also take the drake.


The second one that got buffed is Morgana. Although the heroine is not able to surprise her enemies by taking their first drake at the beginning of the game, she can clean jungle very quickly.

A Reddit user by the name of ImaginaryBluejay0 showed that the whole thing took him only a minute and thirty seconds, which allows him to fight for the crab with an advantage of one level.

Will Riot do something about it? It’s hard to say at the moment, as no employee has commented on the topic. It is worth mentioning that this is only a test server and the patch has not yet been released to official servers. This means that things can change and developers can get rid of the buffs altogether.