Hullbreaker is a new item in LoL that will allow you to improve minions. How does it work, what does it give?

Riot is introducing a new item to League of Legends.

In the pre-season 2021, the League of Legends has undergone huge changes in terms of items. Some of them have been reworked, some have been removed and replaced with others. So it is hardly surprising that developers have been trying to balance them to this day.

However, no one expected a completely new item to come out, similar to the upgradeable, long-removed Banner of Command. How does it work and what should you know about Hullbreaker?

Hullbreaker in League of Legends

Riot Games employees announced that today a new item will hit the PBE that will replace the Sanguin Blade but will function completely differently. The main purpose of the Hullbreaker is to help AD splitpushers destroy towers.

If everything goes as designed, it will be on official servers in Update 11.13, on Wednesday, June 23. This is what the upgraded minion looks like by item:

Item stats:

The LoL community, however, does not believe in its success and thinks that, like the Banner, it will be removed after a maximum of several years from its release, but until then it will irritate players who will plead for it to happen.

Others, on the other hand, are excited about the increased damage and announce that they will build it on both Nasus and Yorick to wreak havoc on their own. How will it really be? We’ll find out in about two weeks.