League of Legends

“If you die your, jungler cannot get dragon.” – The concept of an annoyed LoL player

A player’s concept for a new system that aims to show the typical mistake of low-division junglers.

One of the toughest roles in League of Legends is certainly the jungle. It requires great macro skills, tracking the actions of the enemy jungler, and proper ganking.

Therefore, the role is not popular in low divisions, and junglers make a lot of mistakes, which is normal. However, there is something that irritates players to such an extent that they “want” to change the game mechanics.

Dragon turned off after jungler’s death

One of the jungler’s duties is to take care of global buffs. This mainly applies to dragons that appear early in the game and are easy to eliminate. However, it’s not that obvious to lower-tier players, and they often either forget about them or do them at inappropriate times.

One of the players irritated by this situation decided to publish an entry on Reddit in which he described the concept of changing the mechanics of dragons. A user with the nickname “CarSuperFast” suggests that the dragons cannot be killed when one of the players is dead.

If bot lane dies, the jungler cannot 2v4 and take drake. If the mid laner dies, the jungler cannot take drake in a 3v4, without risking death to smite.

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What exactly does the user mean? He mainly draws attention to the incompetent use of timers. He believes that players risk an uncertain fight when a dragon is about to appear and to die means being taken by their opponents.

If dragon is spawning within 30seconds-1 minute, DO NOT have a full on fight bot lane, without the confidence your team will guarantee the win.

Of course, this is true, often in the higher divisions, both mid-laners and junglers try to eliminate the bottom lane in order to then take the dragon. In the lower ones, it often happens that the jungler at this point either takes a risky action and is eliminated, ganks TOP, or wanders somewhere on the other side of the map, thanks to which the enemy team, seeing this, has a free hand to take the dragon.