League of Legends

Immortal Swain. An interesting experiment of one of the League of Legends players

One of the players decided to test something that gives a very interesting graphical effect.

The League of Legends community loves to conduct all sorts of experiments. For a long time, players have tried to break records of the fastest Baron kill, the most AP, the greatest possible team speed, and so on.

Such experiments may not be very useful during the game, because achieving them is practically impossible, but you can definitely treat them as a matter of curiosity. This time one of the players decided to create the immortal Swain or at least the effect he achieved looks like real immortality.

An interesting experiment with Swain

A video by lIlIIlIlI has appeared on the web. You can see Swain who approaches enemy towers with little health. They attack him, but the hero does not seem to be concerned about it. He goes on, then goes under the enemy fountain. He doesn’t die here either. How is it possible?

It turns out that the champion didn’t have a small number of health points at all. Actually, he had so much of them that they were no longer visible. Why?

As most players know, in League of Legends the health bar does not change its shape as you add more HP points. Instead, black lines symbolizing specific values appear in the graphic. A hero with very large amounts of HP has more of them, which can lead to the extreme that was achieved with the aforementioned Swain – the lines filled the entire HP bar so that it looked like it was… empty.

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How can you achieve it? The player conducting the experiment accumulated as many as 10,000 stacks. It resulted in huge amounts of health points – as you can see, there is no big philosophy in it and it shouldn’t be difficult.

For those who do not know or remember how the champion works, it is worth remembering:

Swain’s ravens collect Soul Fragments that heal him for 4 / 5,5 / 7% health and 4 / 5,5 / 7% mana. In addition, it permanently increases his maximum health by 5. Swain can right-click an immobilized enemy champions to pull them closer to him, dealing damage and ripping out a Soul Fragment.

As you can see, League of Legends players can find ever more interesting and weird ways to spend their time in the game. Such experiments, although not the most difficult, can be time-consuming. But sometimes the time devoted to achieving such intriguing effects can pay off and bring satisfaction and surprise other players.