League of Legends

In 2016, everyone was delighted with them. Who of these six LoL heroes has survived to this day?

What’s so interesting in 2016?

Probably, after the title itself, few will name the six that were on the official League of Legends servers in 2016. Back then, each of them was really big and each premiere was incredibly exciting.

For many, this year has been the best year for Riot’s character design, ideas, and creativity. Everyone remembers perfectly well what the hype was on Jhin and Aurelion. What is left of them?

2 playable, 4 forgotten

2016 has been a remarkable year for many people for new content in League of Legends. It was then that the first Dark Star skins for Thresh and Varus were released, which became a hit. In this article, however, we will discuss the fate of 6 champions who joined LoL:

  • Ivern,
  • Kled,
  • Taliyah,
  • Aurelion Sol,
  • Camille,
  • Jhin.

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Although each of them is well known to everyone, the first four are played very rarely. We will only see Ivern in 1.5% of the games, Taliyah 1.4%, Aurelion Sol 0.9%, and Kled – the most popular of them – has a Pick Rate of 2.6%.

Thanks to his passive, Ivern can only be played in the jungle, which prevents him from becoming a support or top character. Additionally, his mechanics are specific and not everyone likes to be a support in the forest.

When it comes to Taliyah, at the beginning she was extremely strong and often chosen by pros, but after huge nerfs she has become unplayable and at the moment nobody wants to choose her.

Many players had great hopes for Aurelion Sol, but at the moment his performance is bad and there are topics every week where his mains are asking for a remake.

Despite four blank shots, Jhin and Camille are doing really well. The shooter is picked in 17.1% of matches and Camille in 11.4%. This means that each of them is seen more often than the four above-mentioned combined.

Will anything change in relation to this? It’s hard to tell at the moment, but it’s worth remembering how phenomenal this was the year when many unique mechanics were added. It is also worth mentioning that Riot likes to bring some forgotten characters back to life from time to time. So it is possible that the developers will find an idea to revive all of the little-played four.