League of Legends

Interesting play by Lilla, which resulted in the elimination on the other side of the map in LoL

Lillia’s player incredible luck.

A few months ago, Lillia was really eagerly chosen, especially by professionals and players from high divisions. Now her popularity has declined and we can notice her from time to time in the jungle.

It turns out, however, that she can also find her place on the top lane, although she is not as strong there as she was before, she has a lot of potential for interesting actions.

A seed through the whole map

After Lilla’s release, probably everyone who played her tried to hit the opponent from the base along the entire length of the line or from the river. While E usually crashed against towers or minions, we did occasionally manage to damage an enemy champion. If there was also an ult and an ally’s elimination, the satisfaction was really great.

Nothing beats the action of the Reddit user Wamchops621, who eliminated Lux from TOP on the bot. How did this happen? It’s worth seeing.

As we can see, the missile flew through the mid lane, almost hitting the minions. So the escaping low HP Lux who did not predict that another hero would come to the rescue suffered.

The match ended with the victory of the blue team, and this seed will probably be remembered by Wamchops for a long time.