Invisible Yuumi. The players are demanding to turn her off due to a serious mistake

Yuumi can become invisible and players are demanding that she be disabled.

In League of Legends, critical bugs appear from time to time that have a huge impact on the gameplay. One of them is a serious one. It is about Yuumi, who is able to become invisible.

For this reason, players report more and more such situations and urge Riot to turn off the heroine until she is fixed.

Bugged Yuumi

In Update 11.10, a buff for one of the smallest champions was added to League of Legends. It turned out, however, that in addition to the buff, the game also had a bug that allowed her to become completely invisible.

As we can see, after leaving the allied hero, her model becomes buggy and stops for a moment, then displays for a fraction of a second in the places where the champion is actually located.

Interestingly, some have even noticed that she can attack while still invisible and use abilities, and eliminating her is almost a miracle. For this reason, Reddit users are demanding that the heroine be shut down and fixed immediately.

Keep in mind that the abuse of bugs is prohibited and their use may end up in the account being permanently blocked.